Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8

Today has been full of challenges.  Not just from my organizational ladies either!  First of all--I am so tired!  Out of the 10 hours or so Lucy Goo spent in bed last night, I think we were awake for at least 15 of them!  She is teething--need I say more?  Secondly, it's a homeschool day.  While I love having the Eddy Boy here and working with him, on a day when Fussy Loo hasn't slept at night and won't sleep during the day and is very clingy and fussy all day, it is very hard to do schoolwork--especially when his room looks like this and he can't go in there to work in peace and quiet:
This wonderful playhouse was a Christmas gift from a friend--but as you can see, we don't have quite enough room for it. . .anywhere in the house.  I am trying to be very patient and let it stay for awhile because the kids love playing in it but soon it must go!  I don't feel so so bad about this because the little girl who gave the gift to him also got one for Christmas and hers didn't last at their house for a week;-)

So the Lemon project for the day was to clean out the coat closet.  We don't have one of those so I cleaned out the hall closet.


 top shelf
 middle shelf
 2nd middle shelf ;-)
 bottom shelf and floor
 top shelf--vases, salad spinner, tea plates and cups
 carousel, pitcher and glasses, tea tiered serving plate, glass bowls
 baskets and cake holders
 crockpot, extra plates, and big take along containers, and a helper--contained on the stool because she hasn't figured out how to get down yet;-) {she does climb up there herself;-)}
 items cleared out of closet--we are serious coffee drinkers at our house and it grieves my heart to add the coffee pot to this pile but it hasn't been out of the closet in 5 maybe 6 years.  I switched to decaf coffee and now we don't drink enough coffee together to really make a big pot--so sad!
I did not do Flylady's projects for the day because it was just too much but all of these things that were cleared out of the closet added to what was cleared out of the pantry on Saturday add 35 lbs. to Flylady's Super Fling Boogie--yea!!!!  Getting rid of clutter!!!!!!!

The Small Thing for Home Sanctuary was to make a general task list and assign priority #s.  Here's my list:

1--laundry--clothes and towels       
2--menu plans
2--shopping list
2--vacuum {spot check daily}
2--sweep and mop floors
1--daily pick-up
4--sort baby clothes

4--stove top
4--scrub trashcans

5=seasonally spring/fall
6=never gonna happen
Rachel Anne also gave points for doing  minimum maintenance today--read here to find out what that involves.  I already do minimum maintenance in our general living areas because I cannot handle toys and "stuff" out and all over the place.  However, it is especially challenging with little ones on the loose. . .
 seriously, think I did a 5 minute clean-up in here every hour today!  But look--the chaos doesn't affect him one bit!  and he can work unbothered if Goosey Loo is stranded on the stool;-)

Due to a temperamental internet connection, I've been working on this post since 5:15 ish.  I'm done now.  Kiddos are sleeping soundly.  Livingroom is picked up.  Time for a cup of tea and to enjoy the copy of Country Living that came in the mail today!!!!!!!!

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