Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 7

Today was the pantry.  Good thing I checked out A Bowl Full of Lemons just for fun--I wasn't expecting a project for today!  My pantry needed help though because there's things on that top shelf that have been there for years and you'll have to see what I found on the floor. . .


 ketchup in the cupboard?!?!?!  I had help putting things away from the party last night--and thankful I was for that help, Mom;-)
 my helper. . ."I've only taken out 12 baggies---think I can get 32 more before she's done taking pictures--hurry, hurry!"

 Helper is contained and enjoying lunch while momma finishes up!
 company for lunch--yes, he's in his jammies.  We often live in our jammies on Saturdays;-)

 Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is looking kinda bare! and there's a red doorknob too!
 lunch & snack shelf. . .baggies are gone;-)
 old boxes of mostly pasta and stuff to throw away. 
 bottom all scrubbed out and clean. . .very tempted to just straighten this one--it was pretty dusty and yucky!
 doorknob back on--hopefully it will stay this time!
 old crockpot that was hiding out in the bottom of the pantry.  It's so nice but I never NEVER use it so it is on the way to Goodwill and the potato is out of hiding and might just try to sprout for our garden in the spring;-)
 Heidi & I changed into pink & brown today for Gwyneth's birthday
I started following her father's blog a while ago:  Confessions of a CF Husband  **Cystic Fibrosis** When I first started reading, Gwyneth's mom had just had a lung transplant and she was born early with all the complications that brings and I was drawn to their family and their story.  So Happy 3rd Birthday, Gwyneth!!!!!  May you and your family have another wonderful, blessed year!