Sunday, January 2, 2011

a dancer?!?!?!?!?

A long time ago we found some Pokemon material at Walmart.  Eddy begged to get some and since I wanted to get it anyway, we did.  And any time after that we found material I bought a little more with the goal of making him a ragged squares quilt for which I found a tutorial on this blog--oops this info is in my bookmarks on the laptop.  I will edit this info when my laptop will cooperate and let me go online again--ugh!

So anyway, I was trying to secretly make the Pokemon quilt for Eddy's Christmas present.  Well, it's hard to make a quilt in secret when there's an 11 month old who loves the sewing pedal and only naptimes to sew and then clean up everything.  The night I was laying out the strips of squares to sew together, Eddy walked out into the livingroom and saw the "surprise." 

"What are you making?  A dance floor?"

now that's an idea. . .maybe next time!

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