Monday, May 21, 2012

Everything At Once

This song says it perfectly!  Thank you, Lenka, for putting into song what is in my heart!!!  Thank you, Angeline, for giving amazing visuals to this song;-)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

. . .a photographer. . .

This is of course, a wild and highly unlikely dream because I don't like staged pictures. I like natural, normal, fun, unique pictures. So, my little point and shoot camera comes with us a lot and we have fun taking pictures. Love the camera on my phone too. . .it is why this post is being written. The other night Eddy and I were lying on the bed chatting before bedtime and Heidi came and laid down right next to us. The moment was so, so cute that I grabbed my phone to snap a picture. . .and thus began what must be the WoRsT photo shoot ever! I'll show you the evidence. . .

I told you!  None of these pictures will ever show up in a frame on our walls, but we had so much fun and laughed so hard my face hurt! 

These final two pictures are my absolute favorites.  Heidi and Eddy are the best of friends.  I just love these two little arms hugging each other so tightly!  Also love the fact that our kitty stayed right there on the bed the whole crazy time.  She was my baby way before marriage and kids came along and she used to hide when any visitors came over, but through the loving patience of all the kids, Sarah and Bobbiann included, she has come to the point where she can snooze away no matter what's going on around her.

Monday, January 16, 2012

. . .caught up!

on blogging, that is!  Just check in here once in a while, haven't touched the family blog or reading blog in months. . . maybe going on a year now.  It all seems overwhelming sometimes.  Yet, there is plenty of time to "check things out".  Code for "waste time".  Ha, ha, ha.

So with my Panera time today, I am going to type fast and get caught up.  I want to wait and do everything just right and when that can't happen end up doing nothing instead.  Did you know that is a fault of a perfectionist?  So if you know someone who is seems to be a disorganized mess, they may just be a frustrated perfectionist--waiting for that perfect time to get the job done perfectly.  Because it is better to do nothing than to do something part way or with a lick & a promise.  I know, sounds crazy, but it's true!

summer 2001
 Family blog started with this group:  John, Bobbiann, Sarah, and me. . .10 years ago now--wow!

lamb cupcakes
We added 2 more along the way and just celebrated the littlest's 2nd birthday on Saturday!

Add caption
and I started the reading blog when Eddy and I started devouring books together when he was about 2. 

Time to get on the ball and stay caught up with these things.  Bobbiann is now 20 and living hours away--we hardly ever see her.  Sarah just turned 18 and is loving all the independence and freedom that magic number brings.  These next few years are going to fly by just as fast and I want to remember them.  I am determined to find a way to make this work even without internet at home.  You know the saying. . .where there's a will, there's a way. . .

What are you working on this year?