Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the Momma is back!

When mommy's away the dishes will play. . .

 I think this is what we call job security!  But a fairy god-mother (my mom) showed up on Saturday and did the dishes for me.  Today I am finally getting caught up on the laundry--yea!

Happy Girl celebrated her birthday!!!!!  She was sick--vomiting type sick--then cut another tooth then I was sick--not the vomiting kind--then I got a sinus infection then we went in for Bible classes and today we are home and feeling mostly well again--yea!!!!!
 Thursday during Helper's sickness I accomplished a Lemon Task. . .Day 11 the freezer before:

 during. . .
 yes, Old Mother Hubbard's freezer is also kinda bare--thankfully!  much easier to clean;-)
 catching up on Lemon Tasks. . . Day 12--the spice cabinet before
 Day 16--that's today!  the fridge. . .before:  see the collection of cups?  Eddy likes to save them up in here;-)
 notice the Mary Engelbreit socks--love them!


Fortunately today the project for Home Sanctuary was to clean off shelves!  Spice cabinet & fridge give me 10 shelves which is worth 100 points--yea again!!!!!

It's good to be back and to have my house under control again!  Going to bed with a shiny sink, folded clothes, and a happy family!  Good Night!

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