Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!!!!!!!

This year I am resolved to. . .

1.  get my house in order!
2.  be faithful in daily devotions and prayer time.
3.  to eat more healthily.
4.  to lose the first year of marriage weight. . .10 years in July--ahhhhhhh!  it's about time!
5.  to do at least one fun thing on homeschool Mondays.

On the organized front I have a plan:
--make a to do list every day
--complete the 21 days to organization with A bowl full of lemons
--keep track of January points with Home Sanctuary
--get in the ZONE with Flylady

So it is January 1st and I have completed my bowl full of lemons project:

 and after:

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