Thursday, January 27, 2011

a cheerleader!

**post edited on Friday. . .my computer was giving me fits last night that's why things looked kind of funny if you checked in before this edit--grrrrr!**

Exciting things happening in our house today!!!!!!!  Last night I was doing something at the table and I looked up and there was Heidi walking toward me from across the room.  It took a moment to even register what she was doing!  And today she's been everywhere and she doesn't want help--bats my hands away and takes off on her own!  Go, Heidi, Go!

**still working on a video. . .guess I need to try a different way to upload. . .

Heidi is a climber!!!!!!!  Whoo Hoo, Heidi!!!!!
Here's how she got up. . .by stepping on the pillows on the bed--smart cookie!
 not smarter than Mommy though--she moved those pillows!  ha, ha, ha!
 Eddy lost a tooth.  He was eating a Reeces cup, said, "Ouch!", and out fell his tooth!  Goooooo, Eddy!

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