Friday, January 7, 2011

The real day 6

Today I am linking up with Company Girls Coffee.  This is through Home Sanctuary where Rachel Anne gives daily Small Things to help make our homes a sanctuary.

Time to get a fussy girl down for naptime and then on to all the projects for the day.

A Bowl Full of Lemons project for the day done!

my dresser before:  all the material that came out of the linen closet and livingroom closets?  Yep, that's it there at the end of the dresser.  And it all needed to find a new home today so I am very thankful that this project coincided with a MUST do project for the day!
 my unmentionables drawer{gasp}  That's my jammies all wadded up on top.  Sloppy, I know, but in the 5 minutes I have to get dressed it seems to work for now.  Not quite sure how all the old wallets and glasses ended up in this drawer but they did and that's their spot;-)  Also a roll of quarters.  All the quarters that come out of my husband's pocket change I "steal" and that's my mad money.  I know, we're strange that way;-)
 sock and jammie drawer--messy but at least all the socks are together!
 shirt and swimming stuff drawer--now this one is not my fault--truly.  My little helper has found she can open these bottom drawers and "help" take things out.  See the tennis racket and blue shirts on the floor?  She was "helping" empty my hubby's bottom drawer and the closet while I took pictures.
 see? helping!  Stop her fast before she takes out more folded things!!!!!
 finished sock & jammie drawer
 hubby's white Ts and jammies
 colored Ts and shorts--Why aren't all the shirts together?  I'm sure there's a good reason but I can't remember it now. . .
 my shirt and swim stuff drawer, for the moment.  My helper is currently trying to figure out a way to eat the computer cord. . .
 top of dresser now--ah!!!!!!!
 the broken drawer is back in place but very fragilelly--please do not touch!
My room just needs to be vacuumed and it's ready for company tonight.  Let's see what it looks like after the Wii kids get through back here;-)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I'm sadly going to take down all of the Christmas decorations, mostly sad about the pretty lights--sigh!


One More Equals Four said...

Great job! I could definitely use some cleaning out myself. Enjoy your company, hope they don't do too much damage!

joyceandnorm said...

It definitely feels good have everything in its place.

We are still enjoying our neighbors' Christmas decorations, esp the inflatable penguin that pops up from the igloo.