Wednesday, January 5, 2011

day 5

Today will be a work in progress. . .

ha, ha!  one task is completed already:

9:15  to do list is in progress and baby girl is down for nap.  Now to eat my breakfast and keep on!  One big task for the day can be found here:

It is 1:15 and my to do list is almost completed.  Top priority for the day was:

 getting the gate installed.
 Oh, the sadness!
 Momma, I promise to stop stealing things out of the full trash can!  No more dumping out the last remaining cereal pieces and powdery dusty stuff all over the floor!  I will stop trying to sneak into the laundry room where the fun box with poo-poo sticks is--promise!

Here's our former blockade:
--oops that picture is on the big computer whose internet is not working today.  Picture to be added later.

So, for Bean Day we will have Pasta Fagoli Soup, homemade French bread, and salad.  I didn't have canned Cannellini beans but did have dried navy beans.  So the beans are doin' a quick soak and then they need to be cooked and then the soup can be made.  This soup will be made with a lot of time and love;-)  I was talking with a friend from Indonesia one time and asked him what they were going to have for dinner that night.  He said he didn't know.  I asked when he would know.  He said that when he got home he would look in the fridge and see what meat they had and what veggies and then he would throw the meat in the Wok and then the veggies, make a pot of rice, and dinner would be ready.  I told him how easy he had it!  How some of "our" meals take all day to simmer, bake, rise, etc.  He thought that was crazy talk!  Yes, but he isn't going to be enjoying a delicious soup and homemade bread for dinner either;-))))))) 

Quick soak for dried beans:

Sort and wash beans; place in big pot.
Cover with water 2 inches above beans.
Boil for 2 minutes.
Remove from heat, cover, and let sit for 1 hour.

**note:  If you are using your beans in a recipe that calls for already cooked beans or canned beans, you must cook your beans at this point!  Trust me--I learned this one the hard way and when we should have been eating a yummy, delicious smelling soup, we were chomping on hard beans saying, "What can we dig out of the freezer?"

Gotta get the baby down for another nap. . .

4:15 and another organizational challenge completed--my Small Thing:  the cookbooks


There is a during picture but it won't load--grrr!--so I'm movin' on!
**edit**with pic

Here are the before pictures for a bowl full of lemons task:  the linen closet

These won't load either--double grrrr!!!!!!!  There's dinner to finish, laundry to fold & put away, dishwasher to empty, counter to clear, linen closet to actually organize--too much to do to mess with pictures. . .see ya!  **edit:  here are the pics**

 You can see that little ones play back here!
 and here's the drawer situation--the bottom fell out of the top drawer.
 Found lots of pictures of the girls when they were little in here.  Can't wait to go through them!
Here's the after pics:
bottom drawer
 my helper
 and her toys
 organized linen closet!
here's the broken drawer. . .will repair it somehow tomorrow. . .
Guess what else was found in that bottom drawer?  My husband's day planner from 2001 when we got married!!!!!  It's so funny!!!!! He must have bought the planner just to keep track of things for the wedding because it is totally blank until May 18th and then the pages are filled with things to do;-)  A few weeks after the honeymoon are filled in and after that just a few sporadic school holidays;-)  Guess the whirlwind engagement / wedding freaked him out a little bit!  11 weeks from first date to marriage--truly!

Here's the best page:


The End and Good Night. . .at a fairly decent time tonight--yea!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jenn said...

Oh my goodness you got a lot done! So here's what we do with stuffed animals. We convince the kids to put them in a box and store them. After about 2-3 years, which is usually when we get around to re-organizing the place we stored them, they have pretty much forgotten they had them (could it be we have too much stuff?) and I donate them. Rarely do I have a problem with this method. I do keep the special ones that they slept with and carted around, but not the random ones, no matter how cute.
Best luck to your husband and his new school. I have been involved in the start-ups of two charter schools. Our latest is a K-12 (K-8 Core Knowledge, 9-12 Classical. It's a lot of work, but very rewarding.