Tuesday, January 4, 2011

day 4

 and I'm so tired.  I can hear the quiet snoring and sleeping sounds of the little ones and can't wait to join them!  I knew Tuesdays would be hard for this organizational challenge but am determined to stay on track.  I go in with my husband to his school on Tuesdays to teach three Bible classes.  I love being with the kids and our Bible curriculum this year BUT it is a challenge to focus on teaching with a 11 month old on the loose.  Fortunately now our room is the church nursery so she has things to occupy herself except that all the classes cooincide with naptimes so she is happy for a while and then the fun begins.  Today I also needed to bake a cake for Tuesday treats at school because we didn't have any eggs in the house yesterday.  So in bed last night around 11:30 p.m., up three times to feed baby, awake at 5:45 to get ready for day, at school till just about 6 p.m., stop at library, home about 6:40, throw little ones in the bath, hubby finished up dinner (chicken was in the crockpot, thankfully), play Fluxx while eating dinner, little ones down for bed at 8:15, fight with internet to find out today's challenges, do challenges, take pictures, and blog. 

Thankfully today's LEMON challenge was easy for me.  Clean out the Tupperware cupboard.  This cupboard drives me crazy anyway so I try to keep it pretty cleaned out.  Before pictures:

Just took some straightening and stacking and throwing out of some lonely lids and wah-lah!

All done!  Now you can see our beautiful wallpaper behind the cupboards. . .hmmm never noticed that before. . .

The Home Sanctuary challenge was to check out a previous post about missions or something that starts with an M that has to do with doing a 5 minute room pick up.  I did that.  The blog gives a detailed description about what to do and how to do it--perfect if you need some direction. 

Uh, I'm quickly losing my mind--thinking ability and so will leave you with this useless bit of trivia about myself since today is Trivia Day.  I received a new nickname today and it happened like this:

I stopped by our pastor's house today to return a bowl that Mrs. pastor had sent over full of soup.  I rang the doorbell and listened for the sound of children's voices--there are four of them.  The kids came all excited and opened the door followed by Mrs. Pastor who was talking on the phone.  She looked at me while saying to her phone pal, "Oh, there's a Ding Dong at my door." 

"Hello," I said back;-)

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Amanda said...

its great! feels great when the challenge is easy!!