Friday, January 21, 2011

. . .a catcher. . .

a catcher-upper that is!  It's always so hard catching up.  I get very task oriented and that doesn't always work so well when there's this little person who thinks I should be playing with and entertaining her all the day long.  It's much easier when Eddy is home because just having someone sitting on the floor and playing is better than mommy trying to get stuff done.  I try to have all my "chores" done during the week so that we can relax on Saturdays but some "catching up" might just have to happen tomorrow when Helper has some Distraction;-)

Today I'm linking up with the Coffee Girls!  I'll be sipping my cuppa tea and getting to know some of the girls throughout the day.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Probably just a few minutes during nap time but I'll still enjoy the time browsing;-)

Yesterday I was having computer problems and didn't a post loaded from the Lemon Task which was to organize the command center of the home.  Well, this one for me is fairly easy since hubby takes care of all bills, papers, mail, and whatever else comes in.  My biggest job is keeping all of "that" stuff in his area.  Now, I've tried and tried many times to organize his command center and have bought bins of all sorts, file organizers, bill payer files, etc., etc. but none of that works for his "system."  I have learned to let him have his spot and do it his way; I just insist that this bill paying not take over the house.  It has ways of doing that.  At first it's just a corner of the table, and then half the table, and then all the table, and then the kitchen counter, sometimes stuff even ends up in the bathrooms--what?!?!?!  So over the weekend papers started taking over the table. . .to be fair. . .that's my stuff to the left of the flowers. . .to the right is "bill paying" stuff:

 after:  unfortunately I didn't get a picture when the table was empty.  Eddy & Gramma used the empty space for a Bakugan battle after dinner.

Off to get busy on today's to do list!  Did you know that it's National Hugging Day?  It is so get those hugs going;-)


One More Equals Four said...

Wow, big made enough room to have the battle, that is impressive!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend! Blessings!@

Lea said...

Enjoyed stopping by and I love the term "command center." How cute and looks like a home office might be in order for Hubby one day. :o)

Always good to meet another Company Girl. Blessings to you!

secondofwett said...

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to company'll find us an encouraging bunch....I have decided to go to Bermuda and am starting to look forward to the break. Have a good week and keep up with the organizing!

Jen said...

Where did you find those binders? Are they big enough for large projects? Um, can you tell I'm a bit behind the curve here?

joyceandnorm said...

Our command center is one we have to always keep up with too.