Thursday, February 3, 2011

. . .Savvy!

So this morning while Helper naps I should be cleaning & organizing and all that good stuff but instead I've been blog/facebook hopping because The Savvy Moms have an amazing giveaway going on at their blog!!!  You simply must check it out and who knows maybe you'll be a winner of something--whoo hooo!!!!!  So I'm off to get something done before you know who wakes up;-)

**oh yes, while I was checking out some of the many shops that The Savvy Moms are featuring for their giveaways I also came across this amazing blog--Inkspot Workshop which is also having a giveaway today!  Check out this amazing lady and all of her fantastic printables.  I so want to have a party.  Wanna come?

and guess who's awake?  Nothing better than a snuggly sweet sleepy baby!

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