Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Craft Night with Kim & Kris of The DIY Dish - Lifestyle Crafts Giveaway


I found this blog today by Paige Hill! I was drawn to the blog from the title of her post Defending Pollyanna. Go check out her blog and see her beautiful vintage children's pictures, join the Pollyanna "glad game", and browse all the scrapbook kits she has. Oh, I so want to have a scrapbooking night.

I love to scrapbook but getting out all the supplies, working for even 15 minutes, putting everything away, just seems like such a waste of time. . .wasn't I just wishing something like this recently. . .starting to sound like a broken record!!!! Well, anyway, today I also came across this amazing giveaway over here. . .

It's a scrapbook night with the two sisters who run DYI Dish!!!!!! You get to invite 10 of your friends to a catered party and all of the scrapbookers get amazing gifts!!!!!! And these two sisters look like they'd be a blast to have a party with!!!!!

Ahhhhh!!!!  So go check it out. . .win. . .have a party. . .invite me!!!!!!!!!

Since my scrapbooking is non-existent Little Helper did not have a 1st year scrapbook.  I came across the company Smile Books.  They were having a special linked from their Facebook page for a free 8 x 8 scrapbook--you just pay shipping.  I uploaded their program, designed the scrapbook, and they printed it off and had it back to me within two weeks!!!  The scrapbook is absolutely precious!!!!!!! 

I am planning to make another scrapbook for our daughter who is graduating this year.  She was supposed to graduate next year but we just realized that she has enough credits to finish up this year.  She only has to take U.S. History next year and would be bumbling about with tons of time OR extra work on her hands, we figured she might as well make the studying count toward something and send her off to college;-)  So she is busy making lots of plans, studying U.S. History,  and I am digging for pictures to scan in to the computer--whooo hoooo!!!!!!!

Gotta run. . .typing this from school. . .switched school day from Tuesday to Wednesday. . .normally I run errands in the afternoons but didn't have any today so played on the computer that's why all the new stuff. . .yea for browsing time. . .

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