Friday, February 11, 2011

Company Girls Coffee


Hello Girls!

This week Rachel Anne had us work on a monthly meal plan.  I put mine here to show what I had come up with but unless you have 20/20 vision you probably cannot read it--sorry.  I usually do better with a week by week plan since I try to use up the leftovers and not end up throwing out a lot of food SO if it looks like the Lo are accumulating, we skip the planned dinner and have a "microwave" dinner night;-)

Last month Rachel Anne had us work on our housecleaning plans.  Here is mine.  Notice in the pictures that everyone in the family is helping in some way or other.  That is how things would be in my perfect world.  Everyone would help out around the house with various chores and meals and then we would have more time to sit and play all together~instead of Daddy sitting watching TV, kids playing or doing whatever,
and Mom doing EVERYTHING.  In Hubby's perfect world, he would come home to slippers and h'ordeuvres, dinner served to him, enjoy a nice movie or chat while eating, dessert served, and then relaxing in bed while winding down with another movie.  Needless to say, we've had a time coming together with our "perfect worlds"!  But in the 9 + years of marriage we're at a happy place.  Something that Rachel Anne's post about finding the frog in your Prince or finding the Prince in your frog encouraged my heart about. 

Another tool I use to stay organized is a shopping list.  This idea was given to me long ago in my single days.  My list undergoes changes whenever we change our major shopping places because I tailored the list to the aisles in the store.  No hop, skipping, and jumping around like what happens with a list I jot down on paper.
and a copy of our weekly menu plans.  Weekly plan~Monthly plan. . .very handy to post on the fridge so the never ending question of, "What's for dinner tonight?" can easily be answered;-)

I watched a great movie this week--The Gathering Storm about the life of Winston Churchill.  I laughed and cried and was amazed at the personal life of this man who was responsible for such great political prowess.  At one point he and his wife have a fight because he calls her selfish and later he goes to find her and entreats her to open her bedroom door with such patheticness. . .

Mrs. Pussycat, Mr. Pug is very sorry.  pause
Pussycat, do let me in.  pause
Mr. Pug is very lonely out here.  pause
Mrs. Pussycat, pleeeease.  pause
she opens the door and he says
woof        woof-woof
is her reply

It was so sweet and tender!

Churchill and his youngest daughter go to see a chorus line play that one of the older daughters is in.  This song cracked me up and shocked me at the same time. . .the song has such a catchy peppy tune but THE words. . .

starts off with the chorus line scantily clad girls kicking and singing. . .

Keep young and beautiful
It's your duty to be beautiful
Keep young and beautiful
If you want to be loved.

a happy pert man comes out singing and dancing. . .

Keep young and beautiful
It's your duty to be beautiful
Keep young and beautiful
If you want to be loved.

If you're wise exercise all the fat off
Take it off, off of here, off of there
When you're seen anywhere with your hat off
Have a marcel wave in your hair.

Churchill loves Dundee Cake and talks about it several times so, of course, I had to look up the recipe today.  It sounds like a fruit cake with dried fruits and nuts and many recipes call for rum, brandy, or whiskey.  I am definitely adding Dundee Cake to our menu plans sometime in the near future.  I simply must try some!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We will~~it's like spring out~~the trees are starting to bud and bloom!

**movie warning!!!!!  There is a scene in the movie where Churchill wakes up, walks across the room, and takes his morning potty break--all naked, of course.  You don't really see anything except his backside--kind of like a giant toddling pudgy baby. . .why isn't it so cute when we're older?  I watched the movie again with the commentary and the "guys" said that Churchill was known for wandering around his house in his birthday suit.  The servants and his secretaries got used to it and turned a blind eye. . .cracks me up. . .the homebody personal things of such a great man. . .who would've known?


Jen said...

Hello! I did the small things menu too! After 20 years of menus it was fun to get a new perspective on it. I had almost 2 months of ideas by the time I was done. Thanks for the movie suggestion, may look into it. Have a great weekend!

Diana Mieczan said...

Those are such a great tips. I love the idea of making a shopping lists and meal plans:) Thanks, sweetie for those cool tips:) Happy Sunday

One More Equals Four said...

Love the small things menu. It makes shopping, etc. so much easier!

Sounds like an interesting movie!

joyceandnorm said...

Having a plan is always great!