Friday, February 18, 2011

Company Girls Coffee

Can it possibly be Friday again?!?!?!

Where has this week gone?  Monday--recoup from weekend company & church, Tuesday--homeschool, Wednesday--teach at school, Thursday--take daughter to Fairfield, cancel Fairfield trip, rush home so baby can nap, go pick everyone up again, Friday--here we are! 

Well, the house looked so nice for our company this past Saturday that hubby said, "Let's have company every week so the house will stay clean!"  So we're having company tomorrow--lots of yummy food planned!!!! 

picture by the Provident Woman

This past weekend we had The Pioneer Woman's Red Velvet Cake for dessert.  (I used her recipe from her wonderful cookbook but don't find the recipe at her Tasty Kitchen site.  Here's a similar recipe from the site by the Provident Woman.)  My hubby who doesn't like said dessert even had some.  Everyone liked it and one of the husband's has already requested it for himself again.  He said, "Not today, but soon. . ."  He is a very funny man and kept us well entertained.  He and his wife are from India.  He is a well educated man with a job that allows him to travel so he's been everywhere.  He is also very on top of political things.  He told us story after story.  Did you know that in the world abroad they don't have a very high opinion of Americans?  They think we are arrogant bullies who always want something for nothing.  I was shocked!  He also said that America's political thinking is "Our enemy's enemy is our friend."  Thus way back when we were not so friendly with Iran we were friends with a certain bad guy and helped to train him to fight the Iranians but then when we were finished with him we stopped being his friend and that is when he went looking for new friends and found those really BAD guys.  He said, "America doesn't want this man caught and put on trial for the things he would say.  So we keep a very close eye on him.  Really!  Yeah, with all their satellites and tracking devices that can pinpoint you at your dining room table--they know where he is!  It's either that or kill him.  And we can't do that because we're America!"  And he laughed and laughed. 

Guess it's a good thing I'm not a politician because I don't understand that type of thinking at all.  If someone is your friend, he is your friend!  Where is loyalty?  And I am very sad that people don't think so very highly of my country.  I guess I can see it though--all around us.  People are out for themselves and what they can get and it is very rare that we see RANDOM acts of kindness let alone constant, steady kindness.  Those type of people are few and far between and their friendships should be treasured if we are so blessed as to cross their paths. 

It was so nice out last week that many of our trees think it is spring and are blossoming beautifully!  As much as I was out and about this week, I forgot my camera every time but these pictures show what the trees look like.  Yesterday we had such hard rains that I thought all the blooms would be destroyed but they are still hanging on--yea!!!!!!!

With being gone so much, there's lots to do here.  We're going to some friends' house for dinner so I'm making a cherry chip cake--from a box.  Have you tried it?  Delicious!  When I was a girl, they even had pink cherry frosting to go on top.  Now I just make do with vanilla.  All my little maids are working:  washer, dryer, dishwasher, swing for sleeping baby. . .and I am off to take a shower.  I'm so excited. . .going to use a scrub during and lotion after--wonderful points for today.  Thank you, Rachel Anne!

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