Monday, February 7, 2011

a regular law breaker?!?!?!?!?!

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I received a NOTICE of TOLL EVASION in the mail a few weeks ago.

Here is the letter sent to CONTEST my TOLL EVASION:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to contest a notice of toll evasion.  On the date in question we were on our way to Marine World for an outing.  I was driving and aware of the general time and in the excitement and talk was just driving along thinking that we were going to make it to the toll booth during carpool times.  I was driving only slightly familiar roads and watching traffic and which lane to be in--it can be very confusing at times, you know.  So when I was in the carpool lane and all set I glanced up at the time--10:14.  Panic.  I had to cross multiple lanes, lanes with white lines which I've gotten in trouble for crossing before, the correct lanes were backed up way back.  We got to the booth and slowed down but there was no person inside.  I pulled over at the toll island and went inside with money to pay the fee but was told that money was not accepted inside and that I would have to pay the fee plus a fine since I went through the wrong spot.  I pleaded with the man and asked what I should do.  I wasn't trying to "evade" a toll and was trying to make things right.  He gave me a yellow card and said that when the violation came in the mail I could dispute it.  He also gave me his badge number--#173.

So I am asking that you take pity on me for not paying attention and being in the wrong spot.  I wasn't intentionally trying to get away with anything and did try to rectify the situation immediately.

Thank you for your consideration.

I included copies of the EVASION notice and the yellow card with the badge number on it.

My husband said they would laugh their heads off at me after reading the letter.  But he mailed it off anyway.

So this past weekend we received another letter saying:  We have reviewed your inquiry regarding the above reference violation.  Based on our review of the documentation you provided and our records, we have determined you are responsible for the violation.  However, as a one-time courtesy, we have waived the associated fees and request the toll amount only.

So maybe they did laugh but they for sure showed great MERCY.  And I am so thankful!

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