Friday, January 11, 2013

uniquely myself.

ahhh, such a pretty apron!

but she absolutely won't wear it with clothes.  Wish I were so brave!  Well, not to wear an apron in only my underwears. . .but to go against what society says is "normal" or "acceptable".

Like instead of having beautiful long, straight hair maybe wearing my hair short and curly.  Or instead of wearing itsy bitsy shorts this summer wearing a skirt or bermuda shorts--with tennis shoes if I want;-)

I understand that there's a right and a wrong and a time and a place. . .for instance, I probably wouldn't wear my skirt and tennies to a wedding or a funeral or a really nice restaurant but why can't I wear them shopping and not be afraid of what people will whisper as they pass or the looks I will get.

Do you know that on Saturday our son wouldn't wear a bandaid on a cut on his knee even though his kung fu pants rubbed against it and caused pain because he was afraid that if he had a hard time with the stances or kicks the instructors would ask why? and he would have to say he fell.  then they would say are you wearing a bandaid?  and he would have to say yes.  then they would say what kind?  and he would have to answer Dora.  and they would all laugh at him.

I don't want to be afraid of a Dora bandaid!!!!!!!  I want to be like that horribly off key singer who is forced to go on stage at a karoke bar and starts off awful and everyone is groaning and then that same singer embraces her awfulness and throws her heart into the song and everyone ends up singing with her and cheering for her at the end.  (know which movie I mean, anyone?)

so, here's to being uniquely me this summer.  Not some whacko, crazy lady!  But hopefully an individual who can be free to enjoy the moment where ever we are, whatever we are doing.  And hopefully a summer full of memories for my kids.
**just found this post. . .for some reason blogger wouldn't let me post it this summer--grrrr!  Must say, I'm still wanting to be this person who is not afraid to go against the stream and be just me;-)

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