Thursday, September 1, 2011

. . .ummm. . .hopeful?. . .

We have a new animal friend visiting us.  He enters the house through the laundry room somehow and seems to spend most of his time out there.  At first I was horrified and desperately wanted him G O N E. . .but now. . .we have never seen him and although we have set out glue traps have never caught him.  His little droppings are around the traps but he's way to smart to actually step on that yucky stuff!  He likes to sit on top of the washer for some reason (again, evidence has been seen there) but not the dryer which has Heidi's laundry basket with all her dirty clothes and which would make a wonderfully soft spot to hang out.  The only trouble he's caused, besides leaving disgusting little droplets in the laundry room and Eddy's room (rooms connected by a door), was to eat a corner from the bag of cat food.  I honestly think he just likes the pleasure of being in the laundry room and I am terrified of the day when he will accidentally step on that trap.  So I hope he stays off that trap!  and I hope he finds a nice little wife and they make their home in the field across the street, and I hope (oh so secretly hope) that he stays and will become our little friend and I can train him to leave his little poo poos in the litterbox!

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