Saturday, March 12, 2011

. . .online!

So. . .anyone out there wondering where I am?  Well, two weeks ago my back was injured and for most of that week I sat on the couch messing around with Polyvore.  That was fun and a distraction from a house that desperately needed it's momma.  By the end of the week I could stand long enough to make dinner.  The next week was spent recovering the house that had been on it's own for a week.  It's easy to understand the disorder of Miss Havisham's house after many, many years of neglect.  Thankfully, my cakes were not yet covered in cobwebs!

I was also recovered enough to figure out what was wrong with my cute new little potato peeler.

Isn't it adorable?  Somehow or other my other peeler got lost and Mom brought me this fun one but I had the worst time trying to use it.  I'd been using a knife for a while and just figured that I'd forgotten how to peel--ha, forgotten how to peel!

Here's a normal peeler.  Do you see the difference?
Here's the angle at which you need to hold your hand in order to use the cute little monkey.  Do you see why I was having a hard time?  So the cute little guy is gone and I'm using the normal peeler but it also doesn't like my hand.  See that little black tip that sticks out over the edge?  It keeps hitting my hand that is holding the potato.  My hand is nervous now about holding potatoes and sometimes drops them out of fear of being hit and cut by the peeler.  I think it would be a good idea for companys to have actual housewives test their products.  I'd be a willing tester if any such job ever comes along.

What in the world you might ask?!?!?  Well, we were out of water in the water cooler and the jugs are way too heavy for me to lift and I was desperate for a cup of tea.  (I refuse to drink our tap water--it kills plants!)  Thankfully we had plenty of ice cubes and the day was saved;-)

So, anyway, where have I been isn't the question.  The question is where is our internet service?  I don't know and am sitting here in Barnes & Noble typing away while the little ones play and read with Gramma.  Yea for Grammas!!!!!!!  I wasn't able to read the Home Sanctuary Small Things for this week so made up my own:  soak and scrub the stove drip plates, go through Helper's clothes and take out too small and replace with just right clothes, actually put away all clean folded clothes sitting in hampers, continue scanning in pictures for the Graduate's photo book, and cut hubby & son's hair.

Hopefully we'll be back online soon and all will be back to normal.  I am at home 4 days a week with a little one far away from civilization on an island and with no internet.  Needless to say, someday I might go a little crazy. . .

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